Filmmaker, Mother, Family Leave Activist: an Interview with Krystina Wilson

We continue to overburden women and under value men when it comes to “roles” at home. And until we change our policies to place just as much importance on paternity as maternity and eliminate the antiquated thinking that women should bear more of the responsibility at home and caregiving… we will never achieve equality in the workplace.


If It's All the Same to You, I'd Rather be Working.

To the world, and the industry, each year doesn’t make you more experienced, it makes you more out of touch.

by Rene Huey-Lipton


Cloth Diapers and a Push Mower

I am woman, hear my mower roar.

by Rebecca Bedrossian


Still Here, Still Queer: A Year Later and Where Are We?

Nobody wants to see me be “too Asian,” or “too gay,” or “too much." Ironically, I’ve often been shown off because I am queer, and because I am Asian.

by Kiku Gross


Changing the Ad Industry Vibe, One Diverse Team at a Time

Our mission was to run the entire production with only female entrepreneurs.

by Amber Wimmer


Fishbowl to Highlight Agencies Committing to Equal Pay

3% is thrilled to announce we have teamed up with Fishbowl to advance pay equity in the advertising community by amplifying the 3% Pledge for Pay Equity, raising awareness of 3% Pledge agencies and their diversity-forward initiatives, and inviting more agencies to join their ranks.  


Why We All Should Celebrate Pride

At some point during the parade, tears will undoubtedly well up in my eyes and I will breathe in the moment, thankful I live in a time and place where people have fought for my equality before I knew I would need it.

by Susan Betteridge


Age-Defying Role Reversals with AARP

We’re working with AARP to break down ageist stereotypes with an age-defying reversal of roles. 


What the Slow Progress of Accommodating Working Mothers Has Taught Us

Remember that flexibility is individualized. It’s not skipping meetings or working less; it’s working comfortably and productively.

by Victoria Rosselli


No Is Better Than Yes: What an Auctioneer Learned About Negotiation

When you’re making a big ask to an organization or audience who are right for you, “no” isn’t the end. It’s the beginning.

by Dia Bondi


Mother’s Day Reflections from a Motherless Working Mom

I want to tell you that it’s OK to take a pause for kids. But do so with a plan, because being a working mom, especially in advertising, takes equal doses of grace and grit. 

by Laura Jones


Changing the Story, One Chapter at a Time

One of the little things I started doing since becoming a mom is replacing each “he” in a children’s story with “she.” It’s a small thing – but for that moment, it makes me feel just a little bit in control of the bias that my son is growing up around.  

by Jill Gray