Quick Take with Katie Busse

Read as Katie Busse, Sr. Manager of Digital & Social Communications for Medela, speaks about her experiences working with breastfeeding moms and what it was like to become her own target audience.

by Katie Busse


Meet F Collective, the Women Who Are Increasing Gender Diversity in Advertising Photography.

F Collective is an initiative that asks brands and their agencies to pledge to present a female photographer option on each job, with a goal of increasing gender diversity in advertising photography.

by Diana Mulvihill


See it to Be it: Shattering the Glass Ceiling in Advertising with Women-Owned Businesses

Visibility leads to inclusion, which leads to normalization, which leads to equality. Megan Kelly, Executive Producer and Founder of Honor Society, writes on the importance of women-owned businesses.

by Megan Kelly


Quick Take with Rupert Maconick

Rupert Maconick is the Founder and Executive Producer of award-winning production company Saville Productions. He gave us his quick take about how his company is working to level the playing field for female directors. 

by Rupert Maconick



Sara is CEO, North America and founder of Jones Knowles Ritchie NYC. We spoke to her about her cross-continental career path, JKR’s work with the DREAM organization, and the dangers of wearing too many bangles to work. 

by Becky Brinkerhoff


Parents in AdLand: Make Your Voice Heard

We’re launching the 3% Parents in Ad Land survey to learn from you what it’s like to integrate work and family. A few minutes could make the industry better for you, and those who come after you.

by Lisen Stromberg


Self-Awareness is the Best Path to Fairness

Rogério Colantuono insightfully writes about how increased self-awareness in men can drive equality in the workplace.

by Rogério Colantuono


Tired as a Mother: A Working Parent’s Battle for Balance

Caroline Dettman, Chief Creative Officer for Golin in Chicago, writes about battling for balance between a demanding career and her family.

by Caroline Dettman



Pam Fujimoto (ECD at Wongdoody LA) gives her take on creative leadership, diversity in work, and June Cleaver is Dead.

by Becky Brinkerhoff


The 7th Annual 3% Conference: Theme and Speakers

Announcing the 7th Annual 3% Conference theme and speakers.


How to Survive a Professional and Personal Crisis: Three Ways to Emerge Happy, Healthy and Whole

Airfoil Group CEO Lisa Michele Vallee-Smith writes about when crisis struck her personal and professional life simultaneously, and how she handled it.

by Lisa Michele Vallee-Smith


Give it to Me Straight: Trying to Find Myself in Advertising

Kiku Gross writes about the importance of authentic LGBTQ+ representation in advertising.

by Kiku Gross