To All the Managers I’ve Had Before: Thank You, Next

Somewhere along the line, we’re expected to magically transform from creators to supervisors with little to no outside help. Many times, the only way we can learn about leadership is from what we’ve had before.

by Holly Schnackenberg


Reevaluating My Worth, and Not in Lions and Pencils.

For the past five years, I've been grinding away at reputable agencies, speaking on dramatically lit stages—poised to take the next crucial step that would launch me into the advertising stratosphere. But instead, I quit.

by Aisha Hakim


The Future's Bright For White Men in Advertising

This is about how we’re all going to get rich, famous, and happy, so read on if you’d like the insider info. 

by Robyn Frost


Veterans Are Eager to Serve, We Should Let Them

Why wouldn’t we as advertisers want problem-solving experts, regardless of whether we find them in a portfolio school or fresh off deployment?

by Jasmine Reyes


A Rather Assertive Ted”ish” Talk About Allyship

We do not need any more talking heads.

by Kai Deveraux Lawson


The Feminine Film Set

Women are absent from the film industry for a reason. 

by Becky Morrison


The How-To Track: Part 2

You know you’re in trouble when your first sentence requires a footnote—that itself requires a footnote.

by Ben Mason


The How To Track: Part 1

Just because you aren’t being awful to women doesn’t mean you are being awesome to women.

by Qadree Holmes


Help Me I'm Co-Parenting

What it’s like when your spouse starts a full-time job and you confront the realities of sharing the load for the first time.

by Pam Fujimoto


The 29%: Men Modeling 21st Century Leadership

How many more panels, discussions, and metrics do we need for companies to do the right thing?

by Qadree Holmes


Pushing the Status Quo Away From Milquetoast Male Perspective

Change cannot happen if we try to fit everything in the framework of what is comfortable.

by Megan Kipperman


Why Making Brave Work Matters Beyond Winning Awards

In recent years, “brave work” has become a buzzword for people who loudly proclaim their disdain for buzzwords.

by Sai He