The 3% Approach

With our help, the number of female Creative Directors has gone from 3% to 29% in just a few short years. Here’s how we’re making such quick work of creative equality:

We Include Everyone

So many diversity initiatives consist only of one under-represented group. But The 3% Conference includes everyone, not as an afterthought, but as critical members of our community. “Gender” doesn’t mean women and “Diversity” doesn’t mean African Americans. It means everyone.

We’re Results Driven

As our name suggests, we’re all about moving forward from where we started. By doing our own research, we can provide the press with important metrics to help raise awareness, and to see how we ourselves can improve the cause.

We’re Optimistic

3% is more watchdog than bulldog. We look for what’s happening in creative industries and celebrate what’s working. Everything we do, from choosing the speakers at our conference to consulting inside agencies, is about finding what works and amplifying it.