Yeah, Maybe: Letting Ideas Live Past Their Expiration Date

Ideas are hard enough to come by; why are we so mean to them?

by Becky Brinkerhoff


Widen Your Worldview: Understanding Differences for Gain

The future must always be approached with curiosity, otherwise you’re just stuck in the past.

by Shameka Brown Barbosa


The Power We're Denied

Is it ridiculous that I’m writing about rage and expression, yet I’m tempering my temper? 

by Robyn Frost


Black and Brown Female Creative Leaders Talk Growth and Retention

Don’t be invisible early in your career. The industry and these brands need you. Find people you can be your best self with. We’re starving for your point of view.

by Adia Betts


GrADitude: The Panel that Changed my Career

It’s about surviving something, and building that something into something better so someone else has it just a little bit easier.

by Kiku Gross


The 2018 Creative Director Track: Key Takeaways

Susan Jenks gives us her take and some key takeaways from this year's Creative Director Track.

by Susan Jenks


What the 2018 3% Conference Meant for a Latina Creative Director

Post-conference, Evita Puente reflects back on her career while calling Latino Creative Directors in both US Hispanic and General Market agencies to step.

by Evita Puente


The 7th Annual 3% Conference: Theme and Speakers

Announcing the 7th Annual 3% Conference theme and speakers.


Maybe We Could All Do With A Few More Exclamation Points

A Look Back on The 3% Conference

by Misty Bell Stiers