Veterans Serving the Civilian Community

Veterans can continue to serve the civilian community with built-in leadership, DEI ideals, and discipline.

by Angeles Winesett


No Is Better Than Yes: What an Auctioneer Learned About Negotiation

When you’re making a big ask to an organization or audience who are right for you, “no” isn’t the end. It’s the beginning.

by Dia Bondi


Full Schedule, Empty Plate

Becky Brinkerhoff shares her journey of openly acknowledging her eating disorder at work and the crucial role empathetic managers play for their employees.

by Becky Brinkerhoff


Am I Too Nice?

What does creative leadership look like? Doran Chang asks and answers.

by Doran Chang


Corporate Breast Milk

Malaika Danovitz on why we need to shed light on breast pumping in Corporate America so we can give our moms a fighting chance to go back to work, and stay there.

by Malaika Danovitz


How to Tell Your Story

A five-step guide for how to build and develop a compelling narrative to more effectively market your work, by Matt McCue.

by Matt McCue


4 Pieces of Career Advice Young Women Should Ignore

Meg Beckum exposes cliché career guidance often given to young women.

by Meg Beckum


A Fresh Take on "Yo Mama" Jokes

BARKER creates "Yo Mama" joke generator in celebration of working mothers.

by Emma Swanson


If I Knew Then

Maia Hariton's younger self was scared of the future; here are the things she would tell her.

by Maia Hariton


My Plight as a Unicorn

Shameka Brown Barbosa on why the "U-word" needs to go.

by Shameka Brown Barbosa


Redefining Cannabis Culture: A Woman's Work

The 3% interviewed April Pride, founder and CCO of Van der Pop, to discuss her journey into the forefront of the burgeoning cannabis lifestyle industry.

by Laura Wolf April Pride