Help Me I'm Co-Parenting

What it’s like when your spouse starts a full-time job and you confront the realities of sharing the load for the first time.

by Pam Fujimoto


Filmmaker, Mother, Family Leave Activist: an Interview with Krystina Wilson

We continue to overburden women and under value men when it comes to “roles” at home. And until we change our policies to place just as much importance on paternity as maternity and eliminate the antiquated thinking that women should bear more of the responsibility at home and caregiving… we will never achieve equality in the workplace.


Cloth Diapers and a Push Mower

I am woman, hear my mower roar.

by Rebecca Bedrossian


Mother’s Day Reflections from a Motherless Working Mom

I want to tell you that it’s OK to take a pause for kids. But do so with a plan, because being a working mom, especially in advertising, takes equal doses of grace and grit. 

by Laura Jones


The Elephant in the Pitch Room: Where are all the Mom CDs At?

Having been a Creative Director for over twelve years and a Mom for just under two, I’ve found there’s another lumbering elephant in the room that needs our industry’s attention.

by Susan Betteridge


Quick Take with Sonia Bhatnagar

Women don't ask for what they deserve enough. There's always something they are afraid to lose in the process. Just letting go of the fear has been liberating. 

by Sonia Bhatnagar


Parents in AdLand: Make Your Voice Heard

We’re launching the 3% Parents in Ad Land survey to learn from you what it’s like to integrate work and family. A few minutes could make the industry better for you, and those who come after you.


Tired as a Mother: A Working Parent’s Battle for Balance

Caroline Dettman, Chief Creative Officer for Golin in Chicago, writes about battling for balance between a demanding career and her family.

by Caroline Dettman


5 Leadership Lessons I Learned from My Son

Sara Eolin shares some career advice she's learned from her son.

by Sara Eolin



Four women were joined onstage by their daughters to discuss family and work life from different perspectives.

by Genie Leslie


Corporate Breast Milk

Malaika Danovitz on why we need to shed light on breast pumping in Corporate America so we can give our moms a fighting chance to go back to work, and stay there.

by Malaika Danovitz


A Fresh Take on "Yo Mama" Jokes

BARKER creates "Yo Mama" joke generator in celebration of working mothers.

by Emma Swanson