Veterans Serving the Civilian Community

Veterans can continue to serve the civilian community with built-in leadership, DEI ideals, and discipline.

by Angeles Winesett


A Rather Assertive Ted”ish” Talk About Allyship

We do not need any more talking heads.

by Kai Deveraux Lawson


Are You Doing Diversity Right?

If you don’t have the right people on the team, you’re in danger of producing work that is both ego and ethnocentric.

by J Barbush


Give it to Me Straight: Trying to Find Myself in Advertising

Kiku Gross writes about the importance of authentic LGBTQ+ representation in advertising.

by Kiku Gross


Swimming in a Poisoned Fish Tank

After attending the kick-off event in New York, Jaime Klein Daley shares her thoughts on TIME’S UP/ADVERTISING.

by Jaime Klein Daley


Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Our embrace of social responsibility can — and must — evolve over time.

by Kat Gordon


Rethinking Media

In a year of unprecedented political and societal shifts, the 2017 3% Conference heard from women on the frontlines of the headlines.

by Catherine Eccardt


Creative Director Track

A recap of the 2017 3% Conference's Creative Director Track—master classes specifically tailored to those in creative director roles.

by Jewell Donaldson


Emerging Creative Track

A recap of the 2017 3% Conference's Emerging Creative Track—master classes specifically tailored to those emerging into creative leadership roles.

by Juan Cortés


Keynote: Where the Money Is

Cindy Gallop closed out The 3% Conference with a rousing call-to-arms: Achieve true gender equality by ending sexual harassment.

by Shameka Brown Barbosa


Keynote: Inclusion and Acceptance

Billy Bean—the only openly gay Major League Baseball player alive today—has a message for us all about the costs of hiding who you are & who you love.

by Christina Melander


Keynote: The Many Faces of Privilege

Beyond Gender emcee, Luvvie Ajayi, leads a spellbinding Privilege Walk to kick off Day 1 of the 2017 3% Conference.

by Christina Melander