Are You Doing Diversity Right?

If you don’t have the right people on the team, you’re in danger of producing work that is both ego and ethnocentric.

by J Barbush


Give it to Me Straight: Trying to Find Myself in Advertising

Kiku Gross writes about the importance of authentic LGBTQ+ representation in advertising.

by Kiku Gross


Swimming in a Poisoned Fish Tank

After attending the kick-off event in New York, Jaime Klein Daley shares her thoughts on TIME’S UP/ADVERTISING.

by Jaime Klein Daley


Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Our embrace of social responsibility can — and must — evolve over time.

by Kat Gordon


Rethinking Media

In a year of unprecedented political and societal shifts, the 2017 3% Conference heard from women on the frontlines of the headlines.

by Catherine Eccardt


Creative Director Track

A recap of the 2017 3% Conference's Creative Director Track—master classes specifically tailored to those in creative director roles.

by Jewell Donaldson


Emerging Creative Track

A recap of the 2017 3% Conference's Emerging Creative Track—master classes specifically tailored to those emerging into creative leadership roles.

by Juan Cortés


Keynote: Where the Money Is

Cindy Gallop closed out The 3% Conference with a rousing call-to-arms: Achieve true gender equality by ending sexual harassment.

by Shameka Brown Barbosa


Keynote: Inclusion and Acceptance

Billy Bean—the only openly gay Major League Baseball player alive today—has a message for us all about the costs of hiding who you are & who you love.

by Christina Melander


Keynote: The Many Faces of Privilege

Beyond Gender emcee, Luvvie Ajayi, leads a spellbinding Privilege Walk to kick off Day 1 of the 2017 3% Conference.

by Christina Melander


Women in the Creative Department: Devs & Rachels of Real Life

When there is no minority, and different groups are part of a larger order, we have a team.

by Carla Cancellara


Good for Them - Detroit Minicon

Clients and agency folks at the frontlines of creating inclusive work environments, campaigns and partnerships share what they're doing and (hopefully) inspire others to do the same.