Madonna Badger: What’s Your Legacy? - Detroit Minicon

Madonna Badger shares how she survived the unthinkable to find her life’s purpose – a rally cry we all need to hear and heed.


Bonnie Wan: "My Life Brief"

Bonnie Wan shares her personal and professional transformation in her keynote at the Detroit Minicon.


Moving Beyond Our Fear in the Wake of 3% and the Election

After being inspired by badass women for two days at The 3% Conference, Melissa Beseda realized that the real work begins back at our offices. But now, sentenced to a Trump presidency for the next four years, what do we do?

by Melissa Beseda


Side Hustle: Friendly Reminders

3% spoke with Melanie Lajeunesse, co-founder & CEO of Friendly Reminders, about her company's success and advice for other entrepreneurs.

by 3 Percent Movement