Full Schedule, Empty Plate

Becky Brinkerhoff shares her journey of openly acknowledging her eating disorder at work and the crucial role empathetic managers play for their employees.

by Becky Brinkerhoff


Madonna Badger: What’s Your Legacy? - Detroit Minicon

Madonna Badger shares how she survived the unthinkable to find her life’s purpose – a rally cry we all need to hear and heed.


Bonnie Wan: "My Life Brief"

Bonnie Wan shares her personal and professional transformation in her keynote at the Detroit Minicon.


Moving Beyond Our Fear in the Wake of 3% and the Election

After being inspired by badass women for two days at The 3% Conference, Melissa Beseda realized that the real work begins back at our offices. But now, sentenced to a Trump presidency for the next four years, what do we do?

by Melissa Beseda


Side Hustle: Friendly Reminders

3% spoke with Melanie Lajeunesse, co-founder & CEO of Friendly Reminders, about her company's success and advice for other entrepreneurs.

by 3 Percent Movement