Full Schedule, Empty Plate

Becky Brinkerhoff shares her journey of openly acknowledging her eating disorder at work and the crucial role empathetic managers play for their employees.

by Becky Brinkerhoff


How to Learn to Brag about Your Business Success

JinJa Birkenbeuel shares tips and tactics to help your woman-owned creative agency or freelance business get to seven figures in 2018.

by JinJa Birkenbeuel


The UX of Implicit Gender Bias

How do you really know if you’re experiencing implicit bias? Kelsey Pytlik & Jaime Klein Daley discuss via The 3% Conference blog.

by Jaime Klein Daley Kelsey Pytlik


The Diversity Effect: A Cannes Diary

43% of Cannes Lions judges were women this year, but is it just a bubble? Marta Swannie diaries her Cannes Lions Design Jury experience.

by Marta Swannie


Good for Them - Detroit Minicon

Clients and agency folks at the frontlines of creating inclusive work environments, campaigns and partnerships share what they're doing and (hopefully) inspire others to do the same.


I'm Judging You

So you say you want to #changetheratio? Laurel Stark Akman has an agency’s do-better manual to hiring diverse talent.

by Laurel Stark Akman


Why Women Should Run Agencies

Rebecca Bedrossian wants to shine a light on how Swift, a women-founded agency in Portland, is thriving.

by Rebecca Bedrossian


Reimagining the Feedback Experience

Jen Ostrich, founder of Ostrich Coaching + Consulting, explains why the way people experience feedback at work needs to change, one agency leader at a time.

by Jen Ostrich


Recruiting: What Role Should Diversity Play?

When recruiting talent, how do you separate the gender or ethnicity of the candidate from the work? Should you even separate it? Let’s tackle these tough questions openly with recruiters and talent professionals who can share first-hand their experience with the diversity/good work dichotomy.