Malware for Your Brain: How Sizeism and Diet Culture Hurt Us All

Diet culture is like having malware running in the back of your mind.

by Jasmine Reyes


Fishbowl: Less ‘Stranger Danger’ and More Safe Space for Conversation

While we’re going through unique experiences as individuals, there are commonalities between all of us. Don’t be a stranger.

by Robyn Frost


The Line Between “Thought Provoking” at Cannes & So Terrible It Belongs in a Trash Can

The difference between a provocative award-winning ad, and a controversial, damaging one is a little perspective, a little empathy, and a lot of willingness to learn and try again.

by Kiku Gross


Partner-level Parity: One Agency That Gets It—and What It’s Getting in Return

“It was like the Hunger Games,” said Robson, “except with middle-aged white men.” One could argue that sounds a lot like business as usual, but you get the point.

by Ben Mason


The 2019 Leadership Track: Part 1

Dominique Monet gives us key takeaways from the 2019 3% Conference's Leadership Track.

by Dominique Monet


Pay Equity's Bottom Line for a Loud Latina

So mujeres, arriba vamos, let’s make this happen for ourselves and all the Latinas who are coming behind us. We are the largest demo in the next generation and cannot afford to have the most severe pay gap. We need to do much better.

by Evita Puente


The 29%: Male Allies Championing Women

This should go without saying, but at 3%, we don’t hate men. In fact, we love them. Picking up where our friends at Refinery29 left off, we’re featuring male allies who have actively championed women in various aspects of their life.


Can Cause Marketing Do Good? If Briefed Right, Yes.

While tremendous thought may be put into the splashy campaign, the actual social impact work is very thin, or – even worse – nonexistent.

by Emily Kane Miller


Filmmaker, Mother, Family Leave Activist: an Interview with Krystina Wilson

We continue to overburden women and under value men when it comes to “roles” at home. And until we change our policies to place just as much importance on paternity as maternity and eliminate the antiquated thinking that women should bear more of the responsibility at home and caregiving… we will never achieve equality in the workplace.


If It's All the Same to You, I'd Rather be Working.

To the world, and the industry, each year doesn’t make you more experienced, it makes you more out of touch.

by Rene Huey-Lipton