Host a 3% Event

Founder Kat Gordon started taking the 3% message on the road in 2013. Every city she visited that year – Boulder, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle – drew a sold-out crowd. The goal of these 3-hour evening events was to bring a city’s ad community together to unite them around an important fact: diversity = creativity = profitability.

2014 brought more cities and more sold-out crowds: New York, Chicago, Salt Lake City. Then, in September, 2014, Atlanta served as our “pilot city” for an entirely new model: a one-day MiniConference where we could deliver more content, showcase more speakers, and involve more clients. It was so well received — even trending on Twitter — that it has become our go-forward model for traveling events.

In 2015, we brought one-day MiniCons to Miami, London, Portland, and Minneapolis. That was a tiring year.

In 2016, we focused all of our energy on the Fifth Annual Fall Conference and just one traveling MiniCon in Toronto on August 30.

In 2017, we were excited to bring an automotive-themed MiniCon to Detroit on May 18. The event was SOLD OUT!