The Future Belongs to Belonging


The 21st Century Male Allyship program is designed and developed to empower male allies to be at the forefront of leading inclusive, respectful cultures where all people can thrive.


With the war for female talent more challenging than ever, how can brands and agencies signal to both their clients, potential employees, and the world at large that they mean business?


Our experts can partner with your agency to show you how to build stronger, more robust culture where everyone contributes to deliver the best work possible.


By our very name, 3% is an organization based on metrics and bent on improvement. We believe that you are what you measure and, as such, we conduct proprietary research to uncover truths central to improving diversity.


At 3%, we regularly preach the gospel about diversity and creativity beyond our own conferences. From Cannes to TEDx to SXSW, we’ve shared what we know and we welcome the opportunity to contribute beyond conferences inside agencies and brands in more intimate settings.


How can leaders overcome creativity bias when hiring, evaluating ideas, and guiding teams to create work that inspires, delights and moves audiences? This workshop provides a roadmap for maximizing creativity by minimizing bias.