“How could we represent our clients if we don’t
mirror what our customers look like?”

—Michael Roth, CEO, IPG





21st Century Male Allyship

The 21st Century Male Allyship program is designed and developed to empower male allies to be at the forefront of leading inclusive, respectful creative cultures where all people can thrive.

Clients are increasingly demanding that their agency partners have equal gender representation on creative teams yet in reality, women continue to make up less than a third of creative leadership in agencies.

The 3% solution?

While hiring and promoting women is crucial, our experience shows us that company ecosystem matters. And culture matters.

3% research shows that unless we also train men — particularly those in leadership — no real change will occur.

The 3% Movement’s work with a broad range of companies in creative industries, including advertising, tech and media, shows that good men want to be allies, but often don’t know how. Good men need insight, training and tools as much as women do in order to create inclusive cultures.

Our 21st Century Male Allyship training program provides insights around workplace realities and thriving cultures, as well as delivers opportunities for self-awareness and clarity of responsibilities.

Our fully customizable program includes a pre-workshop survey, situational role playing, and an environment for the attendees to address their particular workplace culture.

Here’s what participants have had to say about the program:

“This matters, and our day together made me see how and why it matters in new ways.”

“It was nice to have metrics associated with gender biases in the office versus unproven thoughts/hunches … Thank you for a valuable session!”

“Really helpful to me personally. I think it will help make me a better leader and a better man.”

For more information, contact Angeles Winesett.