Look Beyond The Book. Lead Beyond The Book.

An interactive workshop for evaluating portfolios and elevating leadership.

The 3% Movement has created a one-day interactive workshop inspired by interviews with legendary leaders from advertising, tech, and media, and by unique insights gleaned from our Certification and Consulting programs. 

Look Beyond the Book equips creative leaders with proven ways to overcome biases to embrace greater creativity and inclusivity, unleash groundbreaking inspiration, and turbo-charge innovation in ways that meet clients’ evolving needs. 

Lead Beyond the Book provides a roadmap for 21st-century leaders to go beyond their own body of work and maximize the potential of their teams. 

  • This interactive workshop will help your people: 
  • Overcome the creativity bias 
  • Create and lead teams and organizations were unique, diverse and out-of-the-box thinking and ideas flourish 
  • Go beyond check-the-box diversity hiring to recruit, promote, mentor and retain extraordinary creative talent 
  • Identify and nurture innovative thinkers 
  • Embody critical 21st-century leadership traits, including empathy, definite optimism, diversity, belonging, connection and community, collaboration, purpose.

Athena webpage quotes

“Creativity is now the most important leadership quality for success in business.”

— Fast Company 

Athena webpage quotes

“Is it possible a lot of great portfolios don’t appeal to us because we don’t understand their point of view? Is it possible there’s talent we don’t recognize? Is that why there aren’t enough acceptable men of color’s portfolios either? Women of color – even worse? Is it possible that in knowing what you think is good, your recruiters unconsciously carry your bias?”

— Colleen DeCourcy 
      Co-President, CCO 




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