Kiku Gross


Kiku Gross is a writer, punk rocker, and general nuisance from the Central Valley of California. If she’s being totally honest, she’s made a name for herself in the advertising industry by yelling on the internet, and she’s kind of proud of it. You may recognize her from the 3% VOICES Blog, but you probably recognize her from Twitter. When she’s not busy writing words, she enjoys drinking coffee, listening to loud music, and taking naps.

Contributed Content


But What About the Boys? Meet the Guys Who Started a Feminist Club at their All Male High School

Two teenage boys from an all-boys Manhattan private school decide they’re going to start a feminist club. No, this isn’t the beginning of a bad joke.


The 2019 Emerging Creative Track: Part 1

This wasn’t your typical inspirational bullshit. This was the 3% Conference. And here, people mean business. 


The Line Between “Thought Provoking” at Cannes & So Terrible It Belongs in a Trash Can

The difference between a provocative award-winning ad, and a controversial, damaging one is a little perspective, a little empathy, and a lot of willingness to learn and try again.


Still Here, Still Queer: A Year Later and Where Are We?

Nobody wants to see me be “too Asian,” or “too gay,” or “too much." Ironically, I’ve often been shown off because I am queer, and because I am Asian.


PechaKucha: The Long Take on Short Speeches

Twenty slides, twenty seconds each slide, totaling at six-minutes and forty seconds. Flat. The presentation goes on whether you want it to or not. It’s brutally short. It’s kind of like life.


GrADitude: The Panel that Changed my Career

It’s about surviving something, and building that something into something better so someone else has it just a little bit easier.


Our Screwed up World & What to Do About It: An (Un)Expected Lecture from a White Man

Upon reading that a middle-aged white man was to be a keynote speaker at The 3% Conference, with a speech about how he knew how to save the world no less, I had my doubts.


Give it to Me Straight: Trying to Find Myself in Advertising

Kiku Gross writes about the importance of authentic LGBTQ+ representation in advertising.