Adia Betts


Adia is a freelance copywriter with experience ranging from agency to in-house, from traditional to social, and from Chicago cool kids to Boston bros.

She's in the process of relocating to her hometown, Atlanta, where she plans to build a life where her advertising talents and life passions no longer have to be mutually exclusive. At the moment, her extracurriculars include an herbalism apprenticeship, blogging about black-owned businesses, trying to grow out her fro, and aligning with the universe.

Contributed Content


Advocating for Disabled Peoples in Design and Marketing

Disabled peoples are systematically left out of their own narratives - from advocating for public policy, to the design of products, to the creation of marketing efforts. They’re excluded from a seat at the table, only to be sold back their own achievements, ideas and designs. 


Minding the Backlash: Turning Negatives into Positives in Online Activism

Tech-lead initiatives allow for bottom-up narratives, viral human storytelling, and real-time mobilization.


Black and Brown Female Creative Leaders Talk Growth and Retention

Don’t be invisible early in your career. The industry and these brands need you. Find people you can be your best self with. We’re starving for your point of view.