Down Under: a Country That Truly Is Way down and Sadly Under

July 23, 2017

Bec Brideson

With 25 years in the communications industry, Bec Brideson was one of only 3% of women globally to achieve the title of creative director. In her time, Bec has won international awards and gained notable recognition for her work across most categories and numerous major brands. On the back of this wealth of experience, she identified a yawning gap in agency attitude and process with the female market and joined the 0.1% of female founders to open her own agency, Venus Comms, in 2004.

Tea Down Under

Is it irony or accuracy that Australia is affectionately nicknamed "Down Under," or more accurately on the gender-front, "below average?" 

From politicians to ASX boards, to business executives across most categories, the representation of women at board levels and the C-suite is found wanting on the gender ratio. In terms of the women represented in senior positions in advertising agency land, it is sadly an apt description too

Over the last 10 years, there’s been an exponential surge in studies proving that diversity is key to the future of successful business. Gender in business, when approached in the right way, can reveal new avenues to profit, creative innovation and a greater scope of talent. Strangely though, you’ll find that most leaders are still "gender unaware" or grappling with a resolution. See model below.


Put simply—when we get gender intelligent by properly assessing our KGIs (key gender indicators), it can lead us to that necessary business renaissance we all want. Understanding just how powerful the female economy is—both in terms of skill and knowledge as well as its growing impact in financial influence—can help us capture our share of the world’s fastest emerging economy you never knew about.


The 3% Conference offers Australian brands and agencies a historic opportunity to be at the forefront of a movement that celebrates the value of women, as both consumers and workplace talent.

Bringing your team to -- and telling your Aussie friends + colleagues about -- the first annual 3% Conference Australia will provoke much-needed conversations while providing real-life applications and micro-actions you can enact within your business starting tomorrow. With a diverse range of speakers and streams -- including 3%'s Lisen Stromberg and the inimitable Cindy Gallop --  3% Australia will help identify gender blind spots that have kept you muddled up in gender politics and hindered from big-dollar gender profits.

Not just another business event, The 3% Conference promises to be a place where agencies and brands can empower their teams with the shared knowledge and best practices on connecting with women and practical actions with which to drive the change needed to achieve greater diversity in all sectors. The August 31st event is the 22nd 3% event globally, all of which have sold-out, proving the timeliness and truth of the tagline diversity = creativity = profitability.

We invite you then to join us—men and women—at The 3% Conference Australia to be part of the female inclusivity movement, taking us from the stagnant gender parable to a very lucrative gender parity.  

So let's celebrate some incredible Sheilas and have a ripper!*

And don't forget we’re looking for at least one person in every agency of every size to champion change where they work and with whom they work—colleagues and clients. If you do, there may be some free tickets for you D&I movers and shakers.

*Translation: It’s time to celebrate some amazing women and have a great time LEARNING side-by-side together!