The 3% Conference Super Bowl Tweet Up is back for the 7th year.

We’re inviting ad women, men, and all genders in between from across the country to live tweet their reactions to this year’s Super Bowl ads using #3PercentSB.

Why? Glad you asked. Women not only watch equally on Super Bowl Sunday, but they buy and share socially in greater numbers than men. Which means ads with female appeal are the best return on that $5 million price-tag. Who better to judge the ads than the media-makers who know what goes into the making of a Super Bowl spot?

In 2020, we'll be hosting a live in-person event in San Francisco at Digitas. If you'd like to weigh in on which Super Bowl spots you think score big and which deserve to get sacked, join us. Download our scorecard before the game and you can tweet your impressions from your living room using #3percentSB or if you're in San Francisco, you can RSVP here to attend IRL.