Selena Davant

Instagram Manager

The 3% Movement


Selena Davant lives for creativity and unlocking new potentials. She is the creator of Smile A Day – a photojournalism blog showcasing the beauty of life through the lens of a smile.

By day, she focuses on creating ​visual ​content and experiences that foster new perspectives, ​spread ​positivity and bring people together. Art direction, design, photography, videography, social media and strategy — she has executed all of the above and is passionate about the art and science she creates each day.

Born and raised in French Guiana (an overseas department of France in South America) she is now based in Oakland, CA. Somewhere between building ​her empire​, taking photographs at the event next door​ ​​and ​connecting with other creatives​, Selena, ironically, manages to stay away from her ​phone to dance​, write​ or paint as much as she can.