Joanna Lane

DEI Consultant + Executive Leadership Coach

Lane Solutions Group


Joanna has spent nearly twenty years working with organizations and leaders to curate a vision for diversity, equity & inclusion that is authentic and strategic. As an experienced coach, mentor, ally, and advocate, Joanna supports her clients across industries to meet their greatest potential through self-discovery, engaged learning, goal-setting, and growth for impactful and sustaining results.

Joanna's career started in a small village in Nicaragua. It was there that she saw the power brought about by opportunity through advocacy, and dedicated herself to celebrate and illuminate the diverse identities and values of all people. Joanna knows that trust and respect are never assumed. Rather, opportunities for meaningful connections come from honoring personal values and authenticity.

While the venues have varied, her vision has remained: to facilitate connection, encourage personal excellence, foster collaboration, and give everyone the opportunity to thrive. Having worked with organizations and leaders committed to cultivating inclusive corporate cultures, Joanna understands that there is an essential need to enrich our personal and professional development in order to drive successful outcomes in business.