3% Sponsorship

The 2020 Sponsorship Packet will be available in April.

In the meantime, the information below should help paint a picture of who we are, who sponsors us, and why. And these short videos capture some of the magic of our event and spotlight our 2019 sponsors.

Highlights from our 2019 3% Conference

The 2019 3% Conference Sponsor Reel


The 3% Conference is a uniquely inspired business event that explores the upside of making creative businesses more inclusive, representative and yes, more gender-equal. The forward-thinking brands and agencies who rally in support of 3% don’t just demonstrate clear thought leadership around diversity, equity and inclusion, they’re proudly waving a flag that says to all future employees, customers and clients “we are building the future of work.

At the 3% Conference, we’re building a brave new world, where culture is the new creativity. And when you sponsor us, you become a partner shaping a future where belonging and creativity explode.

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We’re different from other conferences in two important ways:

We’re creatively driven. When you partner with The 3% Conference you’re engaging with a team of advocates and change agents—but you’re engaging with creative thinkers, before all else. Unlike other conferences that are mere logo-fests, we’re enthusiastic and strategic partners who will work with top sponsors to create a fully customized experience that celebrates your company—and your important place in the 3% conversation. From AARP’s full #disruptaging campaign integration to Adobe’s multi-city student scholarship and portfolio review, we listen first, co-create second, and execute impressively for a lasting impression on our attendees. In our nine years, we are proud to have earned the repeat support of virtually all major ad agencies and many top brands for that very reason.

We’re results oriented. A recent Businessweek cover story about the explosion of women’s conferences mentioned The 3% Conference and expressed the need for more conferences to do what we already do: engage men (3% Men); give attendees marching orders for change (our 100Things microactions and 3% Academy), and create accountability (our Certification Program). We’re proud to be an example of a conference that not only brings big inspiration, but offers up real, meaningful action items to ignite measurable and sustainable change, long after our closing keynote.

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Reach and engage thousands of top creative and business professionals before, during and beyond the conference.

Conference Attendance

The dynamic and diverse set of 3% attendees is truly impressive. Connect with 2,000 heavyweights and rising talent from 481 unique companies from all over the world. This group of people is highly creative, passionate and engaged—and deeply focused on changing the world for the better. Tickets have SOLD OUT each year with 92% of attendees rating the conference “Good” or “Excellent” and 88% indicating that they would recommend the program to a friend or colleague.

Diversity of Attendees

While other conferences come with excuses for the lacking diversity of their speaker lineups or conference attendees, we’ve been working hard to create compelling representation and intersectionality, in the walls of our conference and beyond. In 2019 we saw some things fall into place that we’ve been working hard to make happen. And while we still have a way to go, we’re proud of the diversity of our 2019 attendees: A total of 40% of people at the conference self-identified as Asian, Black, Latino or other non-white groups. 4% self-described or identified themselves as transgender or non-binary. And last but not least, men made up 21% of attendees for the first time ever—proving they’re in the fight alongside women. Our attendees are inhabiting a brave new world where culture is the new creativity—and they want to help the rest of us get there.

Live Stream & Video

The 3% Live Stream has enabled people from around the globe to engage with 3% and join our crusade. In 2019 we saw 5,043 unique log-ins across 75 countries.

Following the event, virtually every session of The 3% Conference is available for viewing year-round on our YouTube Channel, and we produce “3% Academy” — complete with discussion guides and session recaps to enable companies to share the learnings with colleagues and generate meaningful dialogue after the conference wraps.

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There’s no one size fits all when it comes to inclusion—and the same goes for sponsorship. We offer creative opportunities for agencies and brands to engage with the 3% audience at every level. We’ll work with your team to customize a brand opportunity that works to support your exposure goals, your brand message, and your budget.

Check back in spring for the 2020 Sponsorship Packet or contact brennasandstrom@3percentconf.com to get a jumpstart on conference collaboration.