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3% Sponsorship isn’t just about having a presence at our event, it’s about being a co-champion of change that will long outlast any one event. Being a 3% Sponsor isn’t just an investment in the 3% Movement, it’s an investment in the future of creativity—and what’s possible when we build our businesses, brands, and working experience for belonging.

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How 3% Sponsorship is unique

The 3% Conference is a uniquely inspired business event that explores the upside of making creative businesses more inclusive, representative and yes, more gender-equal.

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We don’t do business conferences as usual:

We’re creative and collaborative. From online activations to in-person experiences, our team will partner with top sponsors to create custom engagements that celebrate your business and your important place in the 3% conversation. From AARP’s full #disruptaging campaign integration to Adobe’s career launching student scholarship, we listen, co-create, and execute impressively to leave a lasting impression on our attendees. We’re proud that in our ten years, virtually all major ad agencies and many top brands have returned to sponsor us, event after event.

We’re all about real results. Sure our speaker lineup is impressive—but we’re not just here to talk. We’re here to celebrate diverse leadership (Next Creative Leaders and 3% Incubator), give our attendees their marching orders (our 100Things Microactions list and 3% Academy), and create accountability (our Certification Program). We’re proud to be an example of a conference that not only brings the big inspiration, but offers up real, meaningful action items to ignite measurable and sustainable change, long after our closing keynote.

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Engage thousands of top creative minds before, during and after

We’re inclusive, accessible and AWESOME. Our in-person events have a history of selling out and impressive exit survey ratings. 92% of attendees rated our conference “Good” or “Excellent” and 88% indicated they would recommend 3% to a friend or colleague. And the renowned diversity of our audience has only grown with our digital capabilities. Our first ever all-virtual event in 2020 drew nearly 8,000 conference attendees from all over the globe—and up to 12,000 people visited our event site through the end of the year (conference content was available through Dec 31, 2020).

We’re attracting your target audience. We draw an impressively diverse audience—with 49% of our attendees reporting as non-white persons of color (17% Asian; 14% Black; 12% Hispanic/Latinx; > 1% American Indian; >1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander). Also, our ongoing partnership with Adobe has allowed us to engage with the future of creativity on a whole new level, hosting a true cross section of creative hopefuls. Students from art schools, HCBUs, Ivy Leagues, and state schools joined us for the 3% Conference in 2020.

We’re pandemic proof. 2020 was a big lesson for us in pivoting quickly in order to be of service to our community during a truly challenging time. With 8 in-person 2-day conferences, 18 minicons and one successful online event under our belts, we’ve managed to evolve our vision for 3% events—and take our sponsors with us. Last year, 20 sponsors signed on for the digital event, providing us with positive feedback and lessons in how to create the space for impactful online engagements.

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