Mary Bowman

Motivational Speaker

Singer, and Poet



Mary Bowman is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, singer, and poet native to the Washington, DC area. Drawing from personal experience, both transparent and vulnerable whether, in poetry or song, her words allow her access to spaces that aren’t traditionally artistic. From local open mic nights to international conferences and beyond, Mary shares herself openly and proudly. Mary’s life and work have been featured in various mediums; print publications, as well as broadcast television and radio networks. Her powerful performance caught the attention of the editors of A&U Magazine and led them to invite Mary to grace the cover of the August 2016 issue. Mary is humbly continuing to carry out her vision to inspire people to find their own personal empowerment and freedom through her art. Mary has three projects available for purchase, ‘LOTUS’ the 2010 collection of poetry, LOVE B.O.A.T.S. the ep, released in 2014, and EMERGE the 2017 collection of poetry.