3% Pledge for Pay Equity

Everyone wants equal pay; few are certain they’ve got it.

Research shows pay equity is one of the top issues facing female equality in the U.S. today. Yet few women or men know if their company delivers it.

Many agencies 3% works with have done pay equity analyses and committed to rectifying like-for-like salaries between genders. Yet they haven’t publicized the undertaking, leaving many women wondering if they’re paid equally.

3% wants to solve this disconnect.

The 3% Movement is embarking upon a campaign to create and drive momentum in the movement to close gender pay gaps. We want agencies who have conducted wage audits and who are committed to pay equity to become founding members of the 3% PLEDGE FOR PAY EQUITY.

3% Pledge for Pay Equity Founding Agencies

Eleven BBH Campbell Ewald DeutschFCBDoner Forsman GolinHavas North AmericaMartin Agency Mekanism MomentumPMG Swift Vladamir Jones WONGDOODY Zambezi

Our intention in creating this initiative is to create an umbrella that is as inclusive as possible, allowing in both agencies who are well underway in pay equity as well as those who are raising their hand to undertake the effort in the near future.

In the coming weeks and months, we will extend the impact of the Pledge by developing tools, sharing research and best practices, and hosting seminars and convenings for member agencies. There will be more details forthcoming on this after the conference. Our goal is to support you in your efforts so that together we can make change in our industry and beyond.

Pledge for Pay Equity

3% Pledge for Pay Equity

This agency is committed to fair and equitable compensation for our employees and is proud to join the 3% Pledge for Pay Equity. We invite all in our industry and beyond to join us in our commitment. By joining the 3% Pledge for Pay Equity, we affirm that:

  • We have conducted a wage review within the last two years or plan to within the next 12 months.
  • We are committing to rectifying like-for-like disparities or will do so following our review.
  • We are committed to advancing pay equity through collaboration, communication and continued identification and promotion of best practices to close the wage gap in the advertising industry.

Pledge Form

Ready to take the Pledge?

The 3% Pledge for Pay Equity is a powerful message to convey to women and men in our agencies, clients and the broader industry.

For more information or to confirm your agency’s participation, please fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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