3 Percent Movement


The 3% Conference isn’t just a conference, but a movement that’s driven by a highly engaged community of 21,000 men and women. We give women inspiration and visibility by sharing dozens of our conference sessions via YouTube and The 3% Blog.

Contributed Content


You Think Your Job Is Hard?

A behind-the-scenes look at how innovative design happened in Obama's White House.


Pecha Kucha

What happens when you task a speaker to share 20 images that automatically advance every 20 seconds? You get storytelling that’s crisp, concise and visually compelling. Today’s speakers will tackle ageism, transgenderism, and youism (building your personal brand).


Keynote: Inclusion and Acceptance

The only openly gay Major League Baseball player (current or former) alive today has a message for us all about the costs of hiding who you are and who you love.


Panel: Daughters of the Evolution

What does the youngest generation think about women in advertising? Find out as we meet the daughters of advertising's leaders.


Lunch + Learn: How to Market Diversity

Diversity is everyone’s responsibility, yet it often requires persuading key stakeholders to prioritize it.


My Failure Resume

Three esteemed leaders present their biggest mistakes.


Now I Know

Blind spots. We all have them. About others and about ourselves. And only when we risk being wrong can we know what’s true. On the other side of discomfort are transformative “Now I Know” moments.


Keynote: The Many Faces of Privilege

Let’s kick off our BEYOND GENDER theme by considering one of the most misunderstood words today: “privilege.” Defining it fully can be a defining moment.


Keynote: Why 3% Is a Big Deal for Us All - Detroit Minicon

Hear how Diversity = Creativity = Profitability is revolutionizing the way agencies do business.


Madonna Badger: What’s Your Legacy? - Detroit Minicon

Madonna Badger shares how she survived the unthinkable to find her life’s purpose – a rally cry we all need to hear and heed.