Voices Contributor Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to 3% VOICES and for your desire to share your insight and expertise with our 40,000+ person community.

We encourage the following editorial guidelines to submit to VOICES:

  • We love original content and so does our community. We publish pieces authored specifically for The 3% Movement and we occasionally repost (with permission) great pieces we've seen elsewhere that we think our community will love. If you're submitting a pitch here, make sure it’s new content you're eager to share with our audience.
  • Submitted pieces should be at least 700 words, ideally not exceeding 1,200 words. Those numbers are recommended, but not required.
  • Please do not submit articles where you have accepted payment for mentioning a brand or person. Any affiliation with a business or financial relationship with any individuals or companies must be disclosed in the article.
  • We ask that you have familiarity with The 3% Movement and our community. It is not necessary that you agree with every single viewpoint we have, as we want your authentic stories and honest perspectives on issues impacting our industry and the world. However, we will not publish anything that goes against our core beliefs.
  • If you’re saying something about the core beliefs of your agency or organization, please provide how they are walking that talk. Or, if they’re not walking that talk, explain how they are taking steps to do better. IE: If you write a piece about how your agency supports female creatives, but there’s no female creative leadership, explain how you’re taking steps to change that. Note: VOICES is not an ideal medium to push any agency/brand PR messaging.
  • Before you submit, ask yourself: What is my perspective adding? Has 3% already published something similar? Did I spell-check this?

If your piece is selected, our editor will work with you to get it ready for publication. Feeling good about everything? Great! We’re excited to read your pitch and appreciate you submitting to 3% VOICES.

Email 3percent{at}whitebookagency{dot}.com.