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Noni Allwood’s career spans as an executive, entrepreneur and innovator. Her corporate career includes senior roles for Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco, Tandem Computers, and Exxon Corporation. As an entrepreneur and consultant, she is founder of Noni Allwood & Associates. In the area of Diversity and Inclusion, Ms. Allwood is a Senior Fellow & Senior Advisor to the Center for Talent Innovation, leading research and innovation of practices to advance women and multicultural talent globally.

Her roles and contributions in the corporate world include education, research and innovation of practices for the optimization of talent, having established a Global Gender Diversity function for Cisco. As a Senior Fellow and Senior Advisor to the Center for Talent Innovation, she leads research and seeding of practices to accelerate representation gains and integration of diverse talent. In October of 2016, she published “Latinos at Work – Unleashing the Power of Culture”, a research piece focused on the experience of Latino professionals in the workplace.  As a consultant, Ms. Allwood collaborates with global companies in crafting innovative and effective talent strategies focused on the acquisition, retention and advancement of diverse talent, as a powerful lever for business success. Her client base includes Fortune 500 corporations including technology, healthcare, biotechnology, travel, electronics manufacturing and non-profit sectors.

Ms. Allwood currently serves on the Board of Geographic Expeditions. She is a member of the Advisory Board on Women to the San Francisco District Attorney.  She is also a member of the Advisory Board of Alliance for Girls and Annie Cannons. Ms. Allwood has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Centroamericana (El Salvador) and completed the Stanford University School of Business Executive Program.

In 2004, she was honored with the Inspirational Immigrant Award from Upwardly Global. In 2007, she was recognized by Flexperience, as one of the “Top 25 Bay Area Women Redefining Success.” In June of 2008, Mexican American Community Services Agency of San Jose, California named Ms. Allwood one of the “Most Influential Latinos in Silicon Valley”. Most recently, in April of 2017, she was named one of the “Most Powerful Women of the Bay”