Jason Carmel

Global Chief Data Officer



Jason Carmel is the Global Chief Data Officer at POSSIBLE, where he oversees all of the marketing sciences departments across POSSIBLE’s Americas region.

With 20 years of digital product and marketing experience, Jason has worked with clients such as Ford, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft to evolve digital experiences based on real-time feedback and behavioral data. Jason manages a team of digital analysts, user researchers, and testing and targeting experts to support global client marketing initiatives with data-driven, actionable insights. Jason has spoken at industry events such as SXSW, the AI Summit, Seattle Interactive Conference, Ignite, WebTrends Engage, and the Adobe Omniture Summit.  

Jason spearheaded the creation of POSSIBLE’s Empathy Model, which translates the raw, unstructured content of social media into a quantitative understanding of what customers are actually feeling about a given topic, event, or brand. In his free time, Jason dabbles in using data and machine learning to define and understand emotional components of human conversation.  

Jason used to be a lawyer, but promises he’s all better now.