Cecelia Wogan-Silva

Global Director Creative Development



Cecelia launched a small team dedicated to Creative Advertising a few years ago at Google and since then Creative Effectiveness and experimentation has become a major driver of success for Google advertisers. She has most recently led Global Creative Agency Partnerships at Google. Cecelia co-authored Agile Creativity and designed the associated hands-on workshops (hackathons), bringing Silicon Valley innovation culture to Madison Avenue.  She has helped build global partnerships among the world’s largest brands and agencies to drive cutting-edge digital work. She shares the magic of what Google makes, so that advertisers can effectively make magic on behalf of brands. Her mission is to fuel technology-driven creativity and help paint a new landscape of intelligent, beautiful, profitable digital advertising.

Cecelia is an avid political activist for human rights and girls empowerment. A former singer/actress, she loves improv, high kicks and all kinds of music. She lives in the Oakland Hills with her husband and two (hilarious, musical, brilliant, beautiful, perfect) girls and an Irish Setter named Guapo.  She likes making homemade pizza with the family singing along to the Big Night soundtrack, spinning floury dough all through the house.