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Posted on November 27, 2018


Siftly is looking for a Visual Designer

Job Description

Our client has developed a way to scientifically gather the collective wisdom of thousands, distill it down into organized, manageable pieces and package it into online experiences such that users absorb and retain the insights, lessons, and perspectives. The primary objective is to inspire positive change in people's lives.

Founded in 2014, the first project was to conduct and share with the world the first ever large-scale study of the specifics of women’s pleasure, a completely understudied topic that needed an honest, evidence-based resource. That project has been a tremendous success and will continue to roll out new research and content. Season 2 is launching this year and Season 3 is in production.

Using a similar model, our client is also expanding its portfolio to gather, distill and spread wisdom about other topics including 'unspoken parenthood' - things they don’t tell you about becoming a parent, the unspoken lived realities of menopause and many more topics.

One of the best part about this client side opportunity is seeing the direct effect of your work on the community daily!

We are sifting for a mid-level Visual Designer who can collaborate with teams to bring the brand’s voices, stories, and concepts to life. The ideal candidate has a strong foundation in graphic design with a passion for brand identity and creating usable visual systems. In this role, you’ll work in multidisciplinary teams and tackle all aspects of the design process from user research to prototyping and communicating the overall project/story. Ability to produce multiple variations on a design concept is a must.

You’ll work on a diverse portfolio of projects that spread across brand identity, art direction and visual design for screens, print and storytelling. Looking for designers who want to blend visual strategy and graphic design to tell powerful stories about our concepts. The ideal candidate brings his/her unique style and visual voice to each design challenge.