New York
United States

Employment Type
Full Time

Posted on March 20, 2018


MLNP is looking for a Head Of Business Operations

Job Description

Reporting to Founder/CEO Cindy Gallop, the head of bizops will oversee all operations, finance, revenue and overall business strategy for a startup looking to scale substantially and rapidly. This is a key role; this individual will work closely with Cindy to execute the company’s vision, manage all financials and metrics, establish and oversee efficiency-maximizing systems and processes to scale MLNP, and help set and foster the company's culture, as a member of the core MLNP team together with Cindy, CTO Aaron Sikes, MadamCurator Sarah Beall, and Assistant Curator Ariel Martinez. We’re a startup with very big ambitions, but we’re a startup, so looking for an energetic self-starter happy to get down in the trenches, get their hands dirty, and get their own coffee.

Job Responsibilities

• Oversee and manage all company operations (including technical and business operations, HR, sales/subscriptions and legal) to meet growth, budget and other strategic and financial goals.
• Collaborate with the CEO to establish a strategic plan, mobilize resources to execute and constantly monitor performance and accountability across all fronts.
• Oversee all finance functions, including budgeting / forecasting, budget reconciliation, and all accounting functions.
• Plan and oversee all HR functions as the company grows
• Oversee legal activities: contracts, partnership agreements, leases, and other legal documents.
• Liaise with investors, future board members and other key stakeholders.

Required Experience And Qualifications 
• Experience in an operational role, preferably in tech and at a startup (working tech knowledge is essential). Experience working with digital content and/or subscription models would be a plus.
• Must have experience with + a ferociously-detailed and obsessive focus on financial management, budgeting and cost control, be a whiz with Excel, and have experience of managing relationships with accounting teams.
• Experience in people management, overseeing/working with diverse-discipline teams, and helping to build and scale high-functioning teams to meet the demands of a fast-growth business.
• Demonstrated problem-solving skills, ability to work through issues using creativity and data, and to anticipate issues and develop, analyze and propose solutions.
• Must have excellent written, interpersonal, presentation, public speaking and general communication skills.
• Must be passionate about MLNP’s mission of socializing sex and about working for a sextech startup.

This position is based in New York.

To apply, please email Cindy Gallop, founder & CEO: