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Portland, Oregon
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Posted on December 16, 2019


Fine is looking for a Creative Director

Job Description

FINE Seeks Creative Director That’s Kind of a Big Deal

There’s nothing more inspiring than looking for a Creative Director. Because we’re looking for the type of person who wants to inspire. We call what we do “Brand-Led Business Building.” Meaning, everything we do is designed to help businesses be human, be awesome, and make big happen. And we call what we are “An Un-Agency Like Agency.” Meaning, we’re not so much cool kids as warm grown-ups.

We don’t want a bunch of letters and resumes and portfolios to sift through. Just let us know who you are, and tell us about one project you did to change everything.

How To Apply:

  1. LinkUs your LinkedIN
  2. Describe how one project you did in the past 1-2 years helped lead a company, industry, group of people, or an entire time/space dimension in a new direction.
  3. We’ll need, like, a jpg of that. Or a link to it.

The Job:

You’ll direct creative. Here, it’s pretty much paint-by-numbers:

  • Hear clients.
  • Understand world.
  • Inspire colleagues.
  • Make big happen.


You pack a lot into four bullets:

  • 5+ years directing design and creative deliverables of the very strongest sauce, especially “owned” digital brand assets like big ol’ websites.
  • Demonstrated knack for helping companies and people be their best selves and do their best work and then also be the best.
  • Many rich stories, many mostly true, about how what you did led a project direction which in turn led a business direction.
  • Conflicted in all the right ways. Nice people yet fierce ideas. Kind-hearted badassery. Humble awesomeness. Little details make big happen.