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Posted on May 19, 2022


Cheil is looking for an Associate Creative Director / Copy

Job Description

Cheil Worldwide is the 13th-largest creative agency in the world. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, we were founded by Samsung in 1973 to grow its local and global business. While Samsung is still one of our main clients, our roster has evolved to include other globally recognized brands such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, ESPN, Lego, Nivea, PayPal, Starbucks, and many more.

Cheil Inside is our small but mighty brand studio. Cheil Inside serves as the lead agency partner for all Samsung Corporate Brand Marketing initiatives in North America. It’s the think tank and creative partner to the look, sound and feel of all Samsung imaging and collateral. Our team focuses on creative problem-solving and share a passion for developing groundbreaking ideas rooted in data, driven by insights, and enabled by innovative technology.

And that brings us to you… or rather you to us. Pushing boundaries and traditional advertising requires a curious mind undeterred by the never-been-done. We need a thinker and doer eager to explore new ways to connect with consumers beyond offering a product. If blending analytics with intuition and imagination makes your eyes sparkle, read on!

About You
Who you are is just as important as (if not more important than!) what you can do.

  • You’re a creator to your core. Making things is what makes you happy.
  • You’re insatiably curious. About the world. About technology. About art, literature, music, gaming, sports, and a host of other things.
  • You’re a connoisseur of culture, both pop and not, because the more you know about the world, the better equipped you are to disrupt it.
  • You’re hip to all the trendy styles but you’re always looking to push what’s next.
  • You’re obsessed with words and writing. You’ve probably wanted to hug a sentence.
  • You’re a storyteller, learning to harness the power of a captivating narrative.
  • You recognize the value of collaborating with other creatives and other disciplines.
  • You can connect the dots between a powerful idea, how it’s communicated, and the impact that has on its performance.
  • You see every brief as an opportunity to deliver groundbreaking, jaw dropping, never-been-done-before ideas for the digital and physical worlds.
  • You love strategy and know strong concepts with lots of legs need a solid strategic foundation to stand on. Without the why, there is no what.
  • You understand every channel is a unique beast that requires a unique approach to thinking and executing.
  • You recognize the value of cross-discipline collaboration so you help support strong relationships with the account, strategy, and production teams.
  • You’re adept at recognizing excellent ideas and executions that will help brands break through the clutter.
  • You always keep the big picture in mind, ensuring every tactical detail fits just right within it.
  • You are full of ideas and challenge yourself to bring interesting ones to the table even when no one asks for them.
  • You love the theater of a presentation and present every project with such fervor that internal and external partners can’t help but say yes.
  • Your thick skin is impenetrable and you see constructive criticism as an opportunity to think differently and challenge yourself.
  • You’re firmly in your comfort zone when leading productions and client meetings.
  • You’re metaphorically agile. You move quickly and easily between projects, no matter how tight the timelines or unique the asks.
  • You bring good vibes and good old fashioned fun to work every day.
  • You’re able to balance following the direction and guidance of creative leadership while leading the rest of your team to creative glory.
  • You guide teammates with a confidence and conviction that inspires and motives all junior, intermediate, and senior creatives around you.
  • You know you’re good at what you do, but still have an insatiable desire to learn more and get even better.
  • You don’t have an ego. You have big ideas without having a big head. Yeah, it’s a thing.
  • You’re driven by a need to beat your own best.

About the Role
Like you, this job is multidimensional. And every aspect is crucial to creating culturally relevant work.

  • Lead social, digital and activation projects.
  • Work directly with the client to build relationships and push innovation.
  • Work closely with the Creative Director, other team leads, designers, video team, and copywriters to create cohesive and successful award-winning ideas and work.
  • Collaborate with Account Team and Creative Team peers to create innovative and effective creative solutions.
  • Be part of a growing creative department and help manage a team of talented designers, striking a good balance of doing and directing interactive work.
  • Participate and provide value. To brainstorms. To the work. To Cheil.
  • Ensure projects meet deadlines for timely delivery to clients. Working with quick-turn deadlines are what you thrive on.
  • Show up and show off with impressive ideas that make everyone wish they’d thought of them first. Then execute those ideas flawlessly.
  • Deliver ideas that are strategically sound and directly hit the insight. Dive deep into the details of the what and the why.
  • Collaborate with fellow creatives and internal cross-functional teams to ensure alignment every step of the way.
  • Build relationships and work with outside agencies to ensure all design supports brand standards.
  • Obsess over the style guide for our company and our clients and uphold it daily.
  • Ensure creative quality and consistency across the board while keeping the big picture in mind.
  • Fight the good fight. Push for brilliant and unfamiliar concepts that make clients uncomfortable (in a good way). Consistently deliver what they want, just in a way they didn’t expect it.
  • Articulate ideas in clear and concise language that effectively explains concepts to non-design audiences.
  • Deck ideas so well that you don’t have to say a word to sell them. But definitely still talk or else it’s awkward.
  • Pitch in on pitches.
  • Use your influence skills to build a strong rapport with clients who trust your judgement and believe in the potential of everything you bring to the table.
  • Learn from every project. Use the results to make the next one even more incredible.
  • Lead by example and set the standard for creative excellence in the art direction discipline.
  • Contribute to the culture and build team camaraderie toward an open, honest, judgement-free environment where team members feel valued and empowered.
  • Train new creatives on responsibilities, agency procedures, and client guidelines, and work with current teammates to help them achieve professional and personal goals.

About the Requirements
You’ve got to check the boxes before you can think outside of them.

  • Bachelor’s degree required in creative-related fields.
  • At least 5 years of working experience in a related field.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities, adhering to timelines in a fast-paced environment with high client expectations.
  • Curious, creative and solution-focused.
  • Excellent time management, organizational and communication skills.
  • Collaborative and works well with others, while still taking independent initiative.
  • Passionate, positive, and solution-oriented.
  • An online portfolio of smart, exciting and award-winning work that shows a range of conceptual and tactical executions.
  • Social, campaign and promotional experience a must.
  • Consumer product experience is a plus.
  • Experience leading shoots and working closely with production.
  • Open to travel, extended hours, and weekend work as necessary.