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Posted on November 9, 2018


Arts & Letters is looking for a Copywriter

Job Description

Arts & Letters is an independent creative company working in Advertising and Technology. We’ve solved some of the biggest problems for some of the world’s best companies and our collective lesson is that today’s modern clients need a creative partner built to work the way they do. So we’re fast. We create ideas the same way the best tech companies create products: quickly, iteratively, focused on an audience. We’re open. We involve everyone in the creative process. Some find this thrilling. Others find it terrifying. Everyone finds it valuable. Most importantly, we’re optimistic. We love to work with people who want to change things. Because we know things can change. Usually quicker than anyone ever thought possible.

A Copywriter at A&L is…

A strategic conceptual thinker who can capture the magic of anything in words. They can also lead both themselves and teams through the wide expanse of the creative unknown looking for the one thing that will unlock everything. Once they find it (or help others find it), they can craft it down to its essence so that the provocative truth can take whatever form it needs. Great writers at Arts & Letters could be great strategists at other places. They could also be (or were) the best writers at other places, the ones people had to have on their team, the ones who are unphased when things get wild, the ones who land the plane, the ones who love the work and help others see the magic. More than anything, writers at A&L know it’s not about them, but about the concept they are representing. They believe ideas are free and that the world can change when you articulate the right one and bring it to life in a way no one else can.

To excel in this position you must have…

6+ years copywriting experience in Advertising or Creative industries
Strong conceptual abilities
Good communication skills and attention to detail
Ability to be agile and a strong collaborator
Interest in and/or knowledge of the technology sector
Excellent presentation skills

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