Our ninth annual event — themed "The Future of Work" — will be completely digital and more accessible than ever.

WHEN: July 27-29, 2020

WHERE: Everywhere

The future of work starts now.

The words that once defined our experience of work – office, boss, salary – were experiencing a quiet, slow period of reinvention, until COVID-19 changed the game. Now we’ve got the opportunity to embrace the ultimate culture accelerant.
3% invites you to bust open the old guard and peer over the clouds and into the new with:

  • Our first ever entirely digital experience
  • Earlier dates to meet the urgency of our times
  • A mixture of live and pre-recorded keynotes, panels, masterclasses, audience-interactive research and entertainment
  • Chat features to connect with speakers and 3% community
  • Just $99 to attend, group pricing available
  • Programming you can revisit and share for the remainder of the year

Work that works for all of us.

We’re ushering in a whole new era of possibilities, equity and inclusion by creating a future of work where:

  • WFH is just W
  • Pay transparency kills salary negotiations
  • Multigenerational is the new normal
  • Time mastery replaces time sheets
  • Wellness is about purpose, not perks
  • Leadership EQ trumps IQ
  • Routine tasks automate; rewarding tasks propagate

Learn from people who are happily living in the work of the future. And hear from companies in the “messy middle” of transformation, on a mission to work through the challenges and get to the glorious upside that awaits on the other side of radical inclusion.

In engaging large and small formats, hear from HR directors, futurists, automation experts, aging specialists, architects and more – all answering these key questions:

  1. What’s happening right now?
  2. What might happen next?
  3. What exciting creative opportunities does this open up?

The most culturally mature companies will win the future. Make sure yours is one of them.

For years, companies have held lotteries to decide who “gets” to attend the 3% Conference. Now, at just $99 a ticket (and no airfare, hotel or per diem) you can afford to send everyone—and give your company a front row seat to the future of work.

Reserve Your $99 Ticket Now

Want to enable access for your teams? Whether gathered or dispersed, explore pricing for groups of 11+ by contacting 3registration@properplanningteam.com

Shape the future by sponsoring.

We’re building a future of work that we’re excited to be a part of. A future where culture is the new creativity and work works harder for all—not just a select few. When you sponsor us, you don’t just secure your place in the future, you get to help us shape it. To explore sponsorship opportunities, contact: brennasandstrom@3percentconf.com

We couldn’t do what we do without our sponsors!

Huge thanks to our Founding Partners, Adobe, Eleven Inc., and the 4A’s.

Lucky to have your support and vision as we co-create the future.

  • Adobe
  • 11
  • 4As

We’ll see you online — and in Atlanta in 2021.

Our plans for a live event in Atlanta may have been thwarted this year, but we’re determined to make the best of our socially distanced time together. Our theme is more urgent than ever—and we’re able to offer our event at a price-point and ease-of-access that allows the entire creative community to co-create the future. And yes, we’re officially headed to Atlanta in 2021. We’ve transferred our venue deposit to next year and will celebrate our 10th Anniversary Event in your fair city on Nov 2 & 3.


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