Susan Betteridge


Susan is an LGBT Mom and Executive Creative Director & Partner at a startup agency in Chicago called Pahnke (pronounced pahn-kuh). Susan believes in the power of old school storytelling and new-school technology and has combined both in her 20+ year career working for brands like Disney, Volkswagen and State Farm. She loves mentoring creatives and believes she often learns more from them than they learn from her.

Susan was honored as a She Runs It “Working Mother of the Year” and has published pieces in AdAge, Reel Chicago as well as some literary and wellness pubs you’ve never heard of. In addition to chasing toddlers and starting an agency, she loves to ski, do yoga and chill at the lake. Follow her and her agency (@pahnke_us) on insta.

Contributed Content


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Why We All Should Celebrate Pride

At some point during the parade, tears will undoubtedly well up in my eyes and I will breathe in the moment, thankful I live in a time and place where people have fought for my equality before I knew I would need it.


The Elephant in the Pitch Room: Where are all the Mom CDs At?

Having been a Creative Director for over twelve years and a Mom for just under two, I’ve found there’s another lumbering elephant in the room that needs our industry’s attention.