Shameka Brown Barbosa


Shameka Brown Barbosa is a creative director/writer by trade and a woman in the midst of a reinvention. After an unrequited, 17-year love affair with advertising, she’s now working smarter and on her own terms. Although it was unbelievably nerve-wracking at the offset, she has found a way to work remotely, fuel her passions, be present for her family, and dream bigger for herself. Highlights in 2016 have included co-leading the 3% guest blogger effort (thanks for reading, by the way,) contributing to the ADCOLOR Social Media Collective, picking her kids up from school at 3pm, and turning her love of travel into a legit business. When she can find the time, she also really enjoys spontaneous naps. Peruse her storytelling skills at and connect with her on Twitter.

Contributed Content


The 2018 How-To Track: Key Takeaways

There’s magic inside each of us that's going untapped. And when we find it, we can change how we view ourselves and the way we present ourselves to the world.


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The future must always be approached with curiosity, otherwise you’re just stuck in the past.


Keynote: Where the Money Is

Cindy Gallop closed out The 3% Conference with a rousing call-to-arms: Achieve true gender equality by ending sexual harassment.


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Shameka Brown Barbosa on why the "U-word" needs to go.


Misunderstood Millennials

Joan Snyder Kuhl and Julius L. Dunn, II discussed findings from their study, "Misunderstood Millennial Talent." Recap by Shameka Brown Barbosa.