Qadree Holmes


Qadree Holmes is the Founder/Executive Producer of Quriosity Productions; a minority owned creative diversity boutique specializing in video production, post production and photography. Quriosity’s goal is to present to the market an MBE that can meet the challenges of working with brands while delivering exceptional service for our advertising clients. We want to be known for representing and employing a diverse creative talent roster including women and minorities that ultimately deliver and have a positive social impact and recognizable results. Qadree has successfully rose from intern to production assistant to producer and finally to the Founder/Executive Producer of Quriosity. While line producing, he recognized a significant shift in the market-clients and agencies were seeking integrated creative talent options to represent the different social channels now available. Conversely, they did not want to sacrifice quality or production value because budgets were shrinking.

Qadree is currently a board member for Free Spirit Media, AICP Midwest, Chicago Advertising Federation’s Diversity Thought Leadership Council, and the Advisory Board for the Midwest Independent Film Festival.

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