Melissa Beseda


Melissa Beseda is the global content specialist at POSSIBLE, where she tracks and researches industry trends and curates thought leadership content for agency staff and clients. Before joining the advertising world, Melissa led digital and social media programs for museums and other arts and cultural organizations. Connect with Melissa on Twitter and LinkedIn, and read her article—"Moving Beyond Our Fear in the Wake of 3% and the Election"—inspired by Madonna Badger's 2016 3% Conference opening keynote.

Contributed Content


Taking the Pulse: The Latest Research on Gender Equality in Advertising

Key insights from in-depth research on what we know, what we don’t, and the questions we need to ask on gender equality in advertising.


Moving Beyond Our Fear in the Wake of 3% and the Election

After being inspired by badass women for two days at The 3% Conference, Melissa Beseda realized that the real work begins back at our offices. But now, sentenced to a Trump presidency for the next four years, what do we do?