Megan Kelly


Megan Kelly is the Executive Producer and Founder of bicoastal production company Honor Society. She brings nearly two decades of experience on both agency and commercial production and was an early adopter to the digital content space. Her hands-on approach has earned a reputation for curating and developing creative talent. She's led production teams for top industry shops like Savage, Shilo, The Sweet Shop, Public Domain and Czar, as well as launching the Live Action division at Click 3X. Her work has garnered prestigious awards, including One Show, AICP and Cannes Lions accolades.

Honor Society has produced spots for top brands including Burger King, American Express, Chase, Visa, AT&T, Honda and GE.

Contributed Content


See it to Be it: Shattering the Glass Ceiling in Advertising with Women-Owned Businesses

Visibility leads to inclusion, which leads to normalization, which leads to equality. Megan Kelly, Executive Producer and Founder of Honor Society, writes on the importance of women-owned businesses.