Evita Puente


Evita Puente is a creative instigator who breaks boundaries and the status quo. With over 15 years of experience in both agency and corporate creative environments, Evita Puente is an executive-level creative leader specialized in helping teams apply their creative ideas and individual insights to broader emerging trends, especially as culture rapidly shifts. She is a creative strategist for progressive leaders/causes like delivering the Latino vote and serves as part-time faculty of Trinity University in San Antonio. She is a strong voice for creative minorities and deeply inspired by the business (and art) of advertising.

Contributed Content


Pay Equity's Bottom Line for a Loud Latina

So mujeres, arriba vamos, let’s make this happen for ourselves and all the Latinas who are coming behind us. We are the largest demo in the next generation and cannot afford to have the most severe pay gap. We need to do much better.


What the 2018 3% Conference Meant for a Latina Creative Director

Post-conference, Evita Puente reflects back on her career while calling Latino Creative Directors in both US Hispanic and General Market agencies to step.