Ben Mason


A native of Bakersfield, California, Ben Calvert Mason won an undergrad scholarship to study classical voice—only to switch majors upon learning how hard it is to perform Schubert while chewing tobacco. Molded into semi-respectability by the English department, he embarked on a career in advertising. As an agency and in-house creative, he’s served industries as diverse as gaming, life sciences, F&B, and associations—while living in places as diverse as Portland, San Diego, Washington, D.C., and Milwaukee. He is currently Content Director at EPIC Creative. His fiction has recently appeared in New Reader Magazine and Your Impossible Voice, and his baseball team, the Mules, finished the 2019 season 2 – 14.

Contributed Content


The How-To Track: Part 2

You know you’re in trouble when your first sentence requires a footnote—that itself requires a footnote.


Can You See Me Now?: How VR Can Foster Diversity and Inclusion

Visceral experiences are what matter most.


Partner-level Parity: One Agency That Gets It—and What It’s Getting in Return

“It was like the Hunger Games,” said Robson, “except with middle-aged white men.” One could argue that sounds a lot like business as usual, but you get the point.