Meet the New 3% Certified Agencies for 2019

November 4, 2019

When an agency is awarded 3% Certification, you can be sure that they’re making authentic strides towards gender equality. It’s a rigorous process rooted in qualitative, quantitative, and competitive research. We’re proud to announce two new certifications: Forsman & Bodenfors, the first international agency to receive certification, and Adobe, the first tech brand to become 3% Certified.

The creative teams at Adobe go above and beyond speaking the language of great culture by offering outstanding benefits and policies, great support for parents and other caregivers, and a strong commitment to work-life fit.

“Adobe is proud to be the first corporate brand to receive 3% Certification for our in-house Studio and Media team,” says Katie Juran, senior director, Diversity and Inclusion, Adobe. “We’re committed to making every Adobe employee feel included, respected and valued, and the 3% Certification gave us a unique opportunity to evaluate our progress and receive meaningful feedback from our team of creative professionals. We encourage other brands to pursue 3% Certification.” [Learn more about Adobe's 3% Certification experience here.]

The process is a rigorous one and when agencies make the commitment to engage in The 3% Certified program, they are not sure whether they will pass or fail. More important, is their desire to see where they are as a thriving workplace culture and their commitment to implement changes that will have lasting and industry-wide impact.

Forman & Bodenfors New York was certified last year, but now we are proud to announce that their entire network is joining the New York Office. Forman & Bodenfors is spread out across three continents and five countries, each F&B office we certified was distinct in its unique strengths and capacities.

Yet echoing throughout was a singular culture that values kindness, gender equity, collaboration and a creative team structure that ensures that everyone has a voice and a seat at the table. 

“In a sea of many shiny advertising awards, this one is different and feels particularly special. One of our eleven principles states, ‘We are a human workplace,’ which means that we are committed to creating and fostering a collaborative, equitable and inclusive work environment across the global collective,” said Michele Prota, Global Board Member of Talent, Forsman & Bodenfors. “Having all of our offices become 3% Certified is a big part of this effort. As we move forward, we’ll continue to celebrate and empower the richness of different ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives that leads to world-class work and makes a real change for our clients, careers, and society as a whole.”

F&B’s world-class, inclusive creative work speaks volumes about the culture that created it. By engaging and successfully passing the 3% Certified process, Forsman & Bodenfors and Adobe are not only leaders committed to creating thriving cultures for their agencies, but also at the forefront of moving the industry forward.

For more information about 3% Certification, please contact our Director of 3% Certification at and a member of our certification team will be in touch shortly.