Age-Defying Role Reversals with AARP

May 22, 2019

In advertising, age isn’t just a number. It can be a tool for discrimination. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2017, 63% of workers in advertising, public relations, and related services were under 45 years of age. In other words: yikes. 

When it comes to ageism, that yikes goes both ways. Despite previous experiences, younger individuals aren’t seen as viable leaders due to their age. 

That’s why at our upcoming MiniCon DC, we’re working with AARP to break down ageist stereotypes with an age-defying reversal of roles. 

A Gen Z-er will emcee the entire conference. When it comes to positions of power, young women are often seen as unable to lead due to lack of experience. We don’t agree. So, we’re handing the mic to a high schooler. 

A Baby Boomer will takeover our Instagram channel for the event. Youth has become an unspoken requirement as the digital world grows. And we know that social prowess and youth are not mutually exclusive. So, we’re handing the keys to our account to a woman over fifty. 

We are here to #DisruptAging, starting with ourselves.