Introducing 3% In A Box

Our seventh annual conference, “Bring It,” was rich in learnings, thought-provoking discussions, and compelling stories. And now, we want you to Bring It back.

• Post-produced video sessions of all main stage sessions from the 2018 fall “Bring It” conference
Comprehensive recaps with key takeaways
Discussion guides for each of the four conference tracks
Discussion guides with step-by-step instructions for hosting viewing/discussing roundtables at your workplace
Exclusive extras: presentation templates, research, podcasts & more
Modules exploring key themes: Self Care for Success, How to Engage Men as True Allies, and How to be a Leader in the 21st Century Creative Workplace

Conference in a Box will be released after January 2019.

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2018 Conference in a Box

Curated for you.

Bring It

Bring It

Takeaways from the entire 2018 3% Conference.


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Beyond Gender

Takeaways from the entire 2017 3% Conference.


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Beyond Gender: Sexual Harassment

Our specially-created sexual harassment conversation starter.


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Beyond Gender: Leadership

Module developed for agency leaders.


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Beyond Gender: Emerging Creative

Module shaped for creatives new to the industry.


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Beyond Gender: Creative Director

Module curated for creative leaders.


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Beyond Gender: Manbassadors

Module meant to aid crucial dialog with male leaders.


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3% In A Box: Bonus Module

Bonus content to pair with modules.


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What's In The Box



Watch all sessions from the 6th Annual 3% Conference in 2017 in consecutive order, just as an attendee from the live audience did, following the “Creative Director” track on the afternoon of day one (our most popular track offering). Each session is accompanied by a recap about that session by a conference attendee.



Dive deep on the four key tracks from the conference via discussion guides we created expressly to generate conversation in an agency setting. The tracks are: Emerging Creative, Leadership, Creative Director, and How-To. These can be used in large-group “town hall” style meetings or in more intimate viewing/discussing settings like a mentor/mentee meeting.



3%’s team has created a master template with 3% branding, and event photography, and thought-starter templates that you can amend, add to, and otherwise customize to make takeaways most relevant to your agency leadership and environment.



You’ll access 3%’s latest research, PDFs from top keynoter presentations, press coverage, pieces written post-conference by other attendees, and tangible takeaways and recommendations from our attendees to inspire you, and more.

Why 3% Created This

For years we have received emails immediately following our fall event:

• From those who attended and are determined to “share back” all the wisdom with their agency management
• From those who missed the event and are eager to somehow get up to speed on what was shared

For these reasons, we decided to invest in a product that makes it simple for anyone, anywhere to truly Bring It back and plug into 3% takeaways, hastening change inside their agencies.

Additionally, 3% is committed to making this content available free to students, juniors and anyone who can’t afford it. For every agency that purchases 3% in a Box, we will gift the curriculum to a deserving ad school or junior creative.



How do I buy it?

You purchase it for a one-time fee, payable by credit card. Your access will be tied to the email account you use upon purchase, combined with a password you set up to access the content.

How long does my access last?

All 3% content will be available to you for six months from the date of purchase. There is no limit to how often you can watch the videos or download/read the discussion guides and other content.

How shareable is the content?

Only those with your unique email log-in and password can access your 3% in a Box portal. Once in the portal, you are not able to copy links to videos or other content therein. However you’re just one click away from presenting content from your laptop portal to a larger group.